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Playerless Video

Date Published: September 11, 2007
Run Time: 00:28:30
The Libertarian Alternative presents:

The Nolan Chart

Mark Selzer and co-host Martina Slocomb interview David Nolan, creator of the Nolan Political Chart

If you get an error about needing Java, go here to install the Java Runtime Environment and select the free Java Download (big green button). It's free from Sun Microsystems.

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Mark Selzer is a long-time host of "The Libertarian Alternative," the long-time-running public access TV show in California which has graciously agreed to share their videos with us. In return, they have asked that we provide a link to the Libertarian Party website for those of our viewers who might be interested in joining the party. 

Mr. Nolan is one of the original founders of the Libertarian Party and created the now famous Nolan Chart, which displays in graphic form a version of the political spectrum that expands the traditional left-right two-dimensional spectrum into a three-dimensional spectrum that also reflects values for liberties (libertarian) and belief in statism (authoritarian control).

This is the first program we are offering in MPEG-4 using a "playerless" video player that doesn't require you to have a particular player installed in order to watch it on your computer. All that is required is that your computer must be java-enabled, a requirement that is already met by more than 95% of the desktop computers in America and around the world.

If you'd like to see this show on your local cable access program, please call Mark Selzer at 1-323-633-6275 or visit his website at